The police of Dubai troll drivers

When Dubai police fun troller motorists. E311 Highway at the exit of Dubai, police (Ras Al Khaimah Police) has installed a sign cardboard in the shape of a police car on the side of the road to convince motorists to a radar control. They even added a beacon flashing so that the illusion is perfect.


I don't know if you have already this type of scene, but sometimes when the people wake up after an anesthesia, they seem to be drunk or on drugs. "Yo Bro ! Dubai was LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT !" this is just hilarious, this teenager or child, (I don't know) take himself for a thug. He speaks about […]

Ken Block in Dubai

Ken Block on board of a Ford Fiesta ST RX43 is doing some drifts in the deserted streets of Dubai. In this video you will see police cars, a jaguar (the animal), and a big boeing 747. You can notice the Sheik Zayed Road was blocked for the second time of his history at the […]

A380 and two jetpacks

Ok, this is clearly an ad for Dubai but honestly, I don't care cause it's beautiful ! Two man are flying using jetpacks near a big Airbus A380 in the sky of Dubai. I wonder how fast that flight is but it got to be pretty fast cause an A380 can go up to 1087 […]

Beggar in dubai

In Dubai, two rich men are in a car stopped on the road. Then, a beggar arrives and begs money to the passenger. The man says he has no money, only a credit card and consequently he can't give money to him. The beggar is not discouraged and get suddenly out an electronic card payment […]