Drone filming a wedding fail

Zacks Jerry Rig used a drone (DJI Phantom 2) with a GoPro camera to film a young couple in the field. The idea is good, the images are beautiful but suddenly a flying error moves the drone to the trees. The aircraft falls on many feet of height. The magic of this weeding is stopped […]

hyperactive drone

The youtuber Quadmovr made a video of his drone built by himself. The result is impressive, the drone can move quickly, no, the video has not been accelerated in post-production. These movements are real ! Here are the technical details: - It is a MiniCP120 with a NanoWii as core. - The motors are x2208 […]

Monkey vs drone

Monkeys seem to don't like drone. Why i said that ? You'll see exactly what i'm talking about in this video. Someone is trying to video tape some captive monkeys (chimpanzees) but of them don't want to be filmed without make up 🙂 He is going to wait until the drone come near him and […]

Drone POV

This beautiful landscape movie was taken by a drone. The lands are the northern Cambodia and the video editor is very talented. The wealth of landscapes is impressive and the colors... The architectures of the temples, the peoples... I want to go there !

Drone strike (with fireworks)

Some great idea here ! You take a solid quadcopter equipped with some cool fireworks and a little cam to record all this. You take some dumbass with a helmet equipped with a cam too and you have this pretty cool video of this guy being striked by a drone.

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