Star Wars Drones

The California studio Corridor Digital plunges us into the universe of "Star Wars" with a spectacular aerial battle, between Luke Skywalker's spacecraft and the spacecraft of the empire of Darth Sidious and his apprentice Darth Vador. They film a lot of scenes simply with figurines and drones of the science fiction saga and the result […]

Fishing With A Drone

On the beach at Fingal Head in the state of New South Wales (Australia), fishermen use a drone to catch a tuna. The drone will be used to bring the line of the fishing rod with bait over tuna off the beach. Really smart ! The sin is a tuna Thunnus tonggol and this idea […]

Drones race

Do you remember ? When you come back ten or fifteen years back, If I sayed to you : "One day me or you, we will be able to buy a drone, a strange flying object with full HD cam, we will be able to drive these with a simple remote, and with glasses we […]

Gun for drones

This technology is ingenious and a peaceful idea to resolve a conflict or just a mistake. All of the drone drivers are not criminals, often they just don't know what they risk when they fly in a restricted area. The " gun " uses the frequencies of the common ISM bands, and isolates the GPS […]


You probably never heard about this new league : " Drone Racing League " but the president of the Dolphins from Miami has already made an investment of one million dollars ! The DLR is a little startup who wants to start an official Race all over the united states 6 dates for 2016, and […]

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