Santa snowboarding with a drone !

Santa Claus traded his sled for a drone this year. The youtubeur Casey Neistat went to the Santa Claus Village in Finland to snowboard towed by an overpowered drone. Disguised as Santa Claus, he enjoys hitting the slopes of the resort and winding up with his drone. The flying craft is so powerful that it […]

Drone catches cheating wife !

For a few weeks now, his wife had gone to work earlier. He did not suspect anything until he got a phone call telling him something was going on. The man had the idea to use his drone to watch his wife from the air. And he unfortunately discovered that she was cheating on him! […]

Change a light bulb with a drone

Sven and his friend Marek had the idea to change a light bulb screwed to the ceiling with a drone. After spending the day using a Eachine E30W unsuccessful, they finally opted for a Syma x5C-1 provided with three gripping rods. 10 minutes and 9 bulbs later, the mission was finally accomplished!

A drone flies over a neighborhood of Aleppo after 5 years of war

A drone flies over the city of Aleppo, Syria, and filmed the devastation in the al-Mashhad district, completely devastated after 5 years of war and recent heavy shelling from the Syrian army, supported by his Russian ally. The United Nations warned that at this rate, half of Aleppo may be totally destroyed at the end […]

Skimboard + drone = dronesurfing !

This man invented a new sport, dronesurfing. He is doing skimboard pulled by a drone Freefly ALTA 8. The drone has 8 engines and propellers 8 for a total power of 7.6kW max ( 950W per motor ) . It costs only $17,000 😉 Not an expensive sport...

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