A drone make a cyclist fall during a race

A drone is dropping a runner during a cycling race. The scene took place on May 6, 2017 in Rancho Cordova, California during the Golden State race series Criterium. The pilot lost control of his drone after hitting a tree. The flying object fell in front of a cyclist's wheel and caused it to fall. […]

The drone selfie of the poor #freestyleski

Swiss skier Nicolas Vuignier shows us how to make aerial shots without a drone: He uses a foam missile equipped with a camera from the Kickstarter AER project. The camera is thus held and then thrown into the air by the skier himself during the production of the aerial figures. Two weeks were needed to […]

A drone films the asphalting of a road

A drone shoots a particularly effective teamwork for asphalting a road near Moora, a small village 177 km north of Perth, Australia. Initially, a tank truck deposited tar across the entire width of the road in a single pass, then three dump trucks dump gravel by making a long reverse, followed closely by compressor rollers […]

Drone in the Swiss Alps

The amateur videographer Gab707 wishes us a good 2017 year with spectacular images of the Swiss Alps filmed by a drone. On a beautiful snowy and sunny day, the small aircraft flew over some famous Swiss Alpine points, such as the Simplon pass or the summit of the Hübschhorn mountain. Music: Thomas Newman "Donna Lucia" […]

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