Great drift of Verstappen (Brasil GP)

Sunday, November 13, 2016 during the Brazilian Grand Prix, the driver of 19 years Max Verstappen made a nice slip in a bend. The pilot left in aquaplaning in a bend on a wet track and managed to master the blow like a pro. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) left 14th and finished the 3rd race […]

A 5 year old child driving a car does a drift !

In the state of Queensland in Australia, a father taught his son how to make a burn on his car. One driving the car, the child likes to derail the tires and make smoke. The father filmed the entire scene and posted the video on Facebook. It was widely and attracted police attention. The police […]

Ken Block Gymkhana Nine

For the 9th edition of his Gymkhana, Ken Block makes drifts in an industrial area of New York aboard his Ford Focus RS RX. A 600 horsepower car that you can drive in the video game Forza Horizon 3. In the video, you will have the pleasure of seeing the pilot Ken Block make a […]

Hamster drift

This little hamster is the best drifter in the world, even Ken Block is not as good as this small guy 🙂

Ken Block in Dubai

Ken Block on board of a Ford Fiesta ST RX43 is doing some drifts in the deserted streets of Dubai. In this video you will see police cars, a jaguar (the animal), and a big boeing 747. You can notice the Sheik Zayed Road was blocked for the second time of his history at the […]

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