A dog jumps a fence to get to the beach

A dog jumps a fence to fetch a tennis on the beach ball. The scene happened in Australia on the beach in Nobby Beach Gold Coast. Very excited to bring back the ball thrown by his master, the dog Rosie misjudged a barrier and made a nice flip by jumping a fence. A fall in […]

His dog doesn't recognize him anymore

Shane Godfrey lost 23 kg after having spent 5 weeks in the hospital. Back at home, his dog don't recognize him more. Shane found her dog Wallie there are a little over a year left at his house. He adopted him, and since then they have been inseparable. Unfortunately, Shane has been severely sick (flu, […]

A dog won't leave the beach

A dog goes ballistic because he won't leave the beach. Ninja Dog love the beach. His Masters played with him for more than 40 minutes to send him sticks in the water. But when it comes time to leave, the dog does understand, barking that he prefers to stay. The dog refused to put the […]

He forces a woman to pick up his dog poop

A dog pooped outside his home, it requires the teacher to pick up. This woman did it the previous week. This time, this man has gone to say two words to him. He calls out to him in the street and her request to pick up dog droppings. The woman implies that these are small […]

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