A dog is afraid to take the escalator

A big dog is afraid to ride the escalator. In the shopping mall Pátio Higienópolis in São Paulo, Brazil, Antônio the golden Retriever is afraid to take the escalator. His master has no choice but to wear it in his arms. Cute 🙂

A dog found the perfect stick

A German shepherd found the perfect stick to play with but there is a problem: it is a branch and it is always attached to a tree. The dog jumps to catch the stick, remains hooked, shakes with all its strength, but the branch remains well attached to its tree.

Squirrel vs Dog pack

In the Rynerson Park of Lakewood, California, a squirrel has to face a pack of dogs when he joins his tree. The small rodent runs back and forth along a fence while the dogs keep chasing him on the other side of the grid. Suddenly, the squirrel decides to climb the fence and takes the […]

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