The one legged Josh Sundquist found his "soul mate"

The left leg amputated after a cancer at the age of 9, Paralympian American Josh Sundquist, 32, found his "soulmate", Stephen, an another one-legged man who made the same size as him but who lack the right leg. For several years, Josh Sundquist kept all his shoes left foot in the hope of meeting a […]

Playing ping-pong with mouth

Egyptian Ibrahim Hamato table tennis makes sensation at the Paralympic games in Rio. Lost both arms in a train accident at 10 years he played table tennis with the mouth and serving with the foot. This footage comes from the World Championships in table tennis teams in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is an exhibition match […]

The story of archer without arm !

This guy is pretty funny, he has no fucking arm but he is a professional archer. How is this possible you're thinking ? Just watch this video and you'll find out ! His name is Matt Stutzman and he lives in Fairfield, Iowa. He was born without arm in 1982 and he started to make […]

Gift Of A Doll

Emma, a girl of 10 years who lives at Cypress, in the state of Texas, carries a prosthesis that serves of artificial right leg. His parents are struggling to find toys who suit her, all the dolls with two legs reminding her disability, who makes her sad. They therefore appealed to the Step Ahead Prosthetics […]


This is a clever invention, again for the disabled but they really need to be independent, like that they can be again proud of them, and act like everybody. this is a very important feeling for biting the life again. This video shows how a woman who can no longer walk, can drive a little […]

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