A train crosses a herd of deer

A train at the speed of 120 km/h was traveling near Egyhazasradoc, in Hungary, when a herd of deer across the track in front of the imposing railway vehicle. Seeing the herd, the driver of the locomotive was quick to stop giving a long Horn, but the train could not be stopped before arriving on […]

A domestic deer killed by a game warden

For 22 months, McGaughey, resident family in the State of Kansas, was a DOE, named Faline, that she found abandoned after the death of his mother. Unfortunately, on December 19, a game warden intervened by claiming to want to kill the animal. In fact, a Kansas law stipulates that he must get a permit to […]

Three deers on a frozen river in flood

On February 6, a girl and her boyfriend wanted to fish in the river Grande round near Troy, Oregon, when they noticed that the water course was flooded with pieces of ice floating on the surface. But while they were on a bridge to watch the River, they have seen three deer trapped on chunks […]

Milk for fawn :)

The lunch time for a herd of fawns in the shelter Nora's Ark of East Concord, in the State of New York, in the United States. An employee of the refuge uses a device with 7 bottles filled with milk, more 8th bottle that he holds in his hand, in order to feed all the […]

Monkey tries to fuck a deer

A macaque tries to mate with a Sika deer. The scene was observed in November 2015 on the Japanese island of Yakushima by a team of French scientists. Sika macaques and deer live together on the island. They interact regularly together, searching for food, grooming and sometimes macaques play rodeo on cervids. But the photographer […]

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