Comment faire 10 tonneaux en voiture ?!

Et voilà, on lui avait pourtant dit de faire attention à la voiture de papy mais Roger a encore pris le volant avec quelques bières au compteur et voilà le résultat ! Bravo Roger ! Bon ok, j'invente n'importe quoi, en vrai on dirait plus que c'est la voiture qui filme qui gêne le véhicule […]

Electrocuted goose

A motorist films a grilled goose falling from the sky. On May 7, 2017 while driving on the Apple Avenue in the town of Muskegn in Michigan, a motorist was surprised to see a goose fall from the sky right in front of him. The poor bird got electrocuted by the power lines. The man […]

Crashing an airplane on a road in town

Yesterday afternoon, a light aircraft Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six crashed on a road in Mukilteo, Washington state. His pilot, a man from Oregon, had just debonded from Paine Field Airport when his aircraft broke down. He tried to restart the engine up to about 150 meters from the ground before resolving to make an emergency […]

Snatching attempt

Monday, October 24, 2016 in the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia, a dashcam filmed a violent robbery attempt in the snatch. Using a club, a thief tried to steal the bag of a man by striking him repeatedly on the head. Despite the violence of the blows, the man managed not to drop his bag. […]

Strange Dashcam

In the town of Trencin in Slovakia, a dashcam of an ambulance filmed an unusual scene. The ambulance had put the siren for an emergency. Normally in such cases, drivers let the vehicule pass. But the driver of a Mercedes cabriolet decided otherwise. The driver stayed in front of the ambulance for several minutes enjoying […]

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