Riverdance baby on Jolly Jumper

Kali is a baby girl who has much energy. Her father films his baby on her Jolly Jumper and next, makes a video which clones his daughter to create a nice choreography. His inspiration comes from the Irish dance called Riverdance by the spectacular show Lord of the Dance.

WTF Sunday #6

Germany it's a beautiful country, Berlin is a beautiful city and you can see this beautiful artist : Steinjo; Enjoy and good WTF Sunday ! 😀

Weather reporter improvises a dance

The weather reporter Lisa Hidalgo on channel 7 of Denver was showing the weather when suddenly the camera fall down pointing to the floor which made us see the foots and legs of reporter. Not a problem for her, she improvises a pretty cool dance like everything is fine 🙂

WTF Sunday #1

On we really like WTF and you know what day it is ? Sunday! So from that day we will introduce ... the incredible , the famous , the invincible WTF SUNDAY ! You'll bleed in the brain every Sunday.

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