In Trieste in Italy, a Palestinian father encourages her daughter to dance on the music of a street musician. The scene happened last summer in 2015 on the pedestrian street of Capo di Piazza Gianni Bartoli, a street artist playing a beautiful music : "L'Après-Midi" of Yann Tiersen, when a woman, encouraged by his father, […]

How To Dance

Parakeets and parrots show us how to dance on different styles of electronic music, whether deep house, dubstep, drum & bass, trance, minimal techno and many others. These animals are very happy, I think their masters love them, and take care of these bird almost like their children. Personally I don't think I would love […]

Just Dance !

Jeremy Morse, an American with a big belly, takes pleasure in dancing in a swimsuit with flakes ! Under a beautiful sun near of a swimming pool on the song "Can not Stop Feeling" by Justin Timberlake. A video that puts in a good mood at the approach of summer! And I love this type […]

Twerk Dance

Mini Pig has the rhythm in the skin and he dances the twerk on "Work of Rihanna". Or maybe he just likes scratch himself on the table leg. Honestly you clicked on the page only for the title nope ? Yes I see you little perverse ! Or maybe this is just my mind which […]

English powa !

In the English city of Brighton a street dancer throws a good mood. Dressed with a yellow disguise very near of the body, the man dances on the international hit of the Beatles: "Twist And Shout" quickly people joined him for the dance, especially a cute old lady who have a really good rhythm ! […]

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