Backflip fail !!!

A man attempts a backflip on a Chair during a marriage. While all the guests watch a dancer imitate Michael Jackson on the song Smooth Criminal, a man attempts a backflip on a Chair. No luck, the Chair has slipped and the man missed his backflip. He fell on his head, twisted neck and ended […]

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen bis !

With a pineapple stuck on sex, an apple hanging on one breast and a pen hanging on to the other, Melissa Ede dances to the song "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen" from singer Piko-Taro. Melissa Ede is a 54-year-old English transgender woman. Note that she enrolled in the Mars One program which aims to install a […]

Hiplet : a mix between Hip-Hop and Ballet

This seems like a forced weeding between two dances who will never be together but as you can see it looks great. This is more hip-hop than ballet cause I don't see a lot of ballet moves but still, you can't say it's 100% hip-hop. It was created by Homer Hans Bryant who his the […]

WTF Sunday #37

Welcome back dear WTF Sunday ! Marlon Webb, Splack and Chauncey Stubbs (The Band Of The Bold) perform a strange dance, hopping, legs and arms spread through the streets of Los Angeles for this WTF clip on the song "Take On Me" of the pop music group Norwegian a-ha. Yes they look like crabs, and […]

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