Birth of a baby chameleon

The birth of a baby veiled chameleon on the palm of a hand. The small reptile gently out of his egg with a head all sad, and then he goes on an adventure walking on hand. It will be noted that changes colors at the first step.

A dog helps a kitten climbing stairs

Tennyson German Shepherd look carefully a kitten trying to climb the steps of a staircase. Seeing the little fur ball has some difficulties, it will give him a paw. The dog will catch the head of the kitten in its mouth and go up the stairs. cute 🙂

Cutest cat in the world

And the winner of the cute cup of 2016 is this cat ! How could you be more cute than that ? And sometimes, it's good to have this kind of video here, even if this is the temple of fun 🙂

Super hamster bros

A mother made the first level of Super Mario Bros for the hamster oh her daughter. The little rodent will explore the different elements of decor and even borrow the hose. cute 🙂

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