Kittens vs old cat !

Mason is a former errant, aggressive cat with kidney problems. It also has a nasty paw wound and several dental abscesses. Almost 100% of stray cats found are euthanized, but the TinyKitten association wanted to give Mason a chance. After a few months in his new home, the cat has adapted quite well to the […]

A little girl waits for the drop of a song

A little girl is waiting for the drop of the song Uptown Funk. Installed in the car seat at the back of the vehicle, Maddie listens to Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk song and looks forward to the drop to beat the music in rhythm with his arms in the air

A colorblind of 66 tests the glasses EnChroma

In Florida, a colorblind receives a pair of glasses EnChroma as a gift for his 66. The man immediately burst into tears when he discovers the true colors of its environment for the first time in his life. A very emotional moment. The glasses EnChroma glasses polycarbonate filter certain wavelengths that cause the confusion of […]

Mom, help me catch this toy !

A kitten wants to catch a small ball that is put on a shelf in a House, but the toy is unfortunately inaccessible. Intrigued, the MOM of the little cat comes and sits down to analyze the situation. Under the caterwauling of her kitten who asks for help, pussy then decided to intervene and grab […]

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