Crashing an airplane on a road in town

Yesterday afternoon, a light aircraft Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six crashed on a road in Mukilteo, Washington state. His pilot, a man from Oregon, had just debonded from Paine Field Airport when his aircraft broke down. He tried to restart the engine up to about 150 meters from the ground before resolving to make an emergency […]

A truck ride with a car attached to his trailer

On Interstate 15 in California, the driver of a heavy weight continued to roll over 6 kilometers without realizing that a Nissan Maxima car was accidentally attached to one of its trailers. The driver of the sedan was great signs by the window to ask the driver to stop, but noticed nothing, and continued on […]

Morgan 4/4 vs Peugeot 206

In England, the driver of a Morgan 4/4, a convertible released in 1936, has embarked on a road in hardly any other drivers worrying and got hit by a Peugeot 206. The speed is limited to 80 km/h on the level of this intersection, the 206 could not avoid the collision. It was a relatively […]

Fail in car with police

A motorist rush double a queue of cars. Saturday, April 1, 2017 on a country road in Poland, a motorist began to overtake several cars which were not rolling enough quickly. No luck, the car in front which slowed everyone was a police car which turned left at the same time. The driver had no […]

Crazy Bobcat

A worker loses control of its Bobcat on a road near the Mariinsky theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia. The case starts to bounce frantically raising his bucket before striking a car. This devilish rodeo ends when the worker finally manages to immobilize the Bobcat.

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