Funny crash tests with Volvo 850

It's like doing crash test with a tank, this car is indestructible. It's the youtuber Krimson37 who does a lot of funny videos using destroyed cars, by the way, go check his channel, it's really fun. In this series, it's only the same Volvo 850 doing all the crash tests. The model is from 1994, […]

Crash in superboat V8

I have never saw this type of race before this video, and I never thought it was possible to drive like that with a boat ! This guy drives so fast, it is very impressive. But at one moment... here it come,the big crash ! Fortunately, the two guys are ok now.

Crash of a Porsche 918 Spyder

July 26, 2015, on a car park of the Nikki Beach Club in Saint-Tropez (France), a young Russian wanted to be a smartass with his car, a beautiful Porsche 918 Spyder (887hp for 884,956$). Unfortunately the driver looses the control of his car and hits another car. Nobody is hurt but he Porsche has many […]

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