Demande en mariage pendant un crash en avion

Et pour finir la journée on part sur une bonne vieille demande en mariage. Ok j'ai un peu fait un titre putaclic car ce n'est pas vraiment un crash comme vous pouvez vous en doutez mais une panne simulée. C'est quand même assez mignon et je trouve les réactions de la meuf assez drôles. Encore […]

Collective fall because of an oil plate :)

A plate of oil drags pilots to the French GP of Moto3. Sunday, May 21, 2017 at the Grand Prix de France in Moto3, many riders fell in the turn of the chapel because of oil stains left on the runway. The impressive images show the pilots fall like flies. Following the incident, the red […]

He cuts the road to a biker by changing track (Los Angeles)

A motorist changes course and cuts the road to a biker. On a freeway near Los Angeles, California, a motorist changed track without looking without the retro and despite the double yellow line. The biker who was coming behind did not have time to brake. He walked into the back of the car and ended […]

A car hits a cyclist (Russia)

Last Saturday in Seversk, Russia, a motorist hit a cyclist wanting to leave a traffic lane. A strange accident since the car broke the bike man by cutting him off the road while the driver had a perfectly clear view. The cyclist being on the right lane, maybe the driver thought he was going to […]

Saved by security fence !

Yesterday, during the Islas Canarias rally, the second round of ERC 2017, the Polish rider Tomasz Kamal was the victim of a spectacular accident, fortunately without gravity. His car, a Ford Fiesta R5, went out of the way in a corner and almost fell into a ravine. The vehicle was retained through a safety slide […]

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