WTF Christmas

For the Christmas day tenminutestokill decided to offer this little WTF. This is a cover but she is not really good, of the band Nin Inch Nail with his song " Wish. " But this video is special for the jumps of guitarist... Really strange and funny idea and the montage is professionnal... Merry Christmas […]

Disney meets the bottle boys

We have allready talked about the bottle boys here, because this is one of the most youtube channel in the world, maybe I am little excessive but how this guys can do art simply with bottles. I sincerly admire that and I found that very funny in the same time. In this video the boys […]

Daft punk Lego

If you don't know who is the French band Daft Punk, you're probably very old and you don't know " who is this guy called Internet ? " Or your simply the biggest hippie in the world and you are too high for this small world. But if you are just high, you have to […]

Love songs

This guy has an amazing voice ! His name is Anthony Vincent and his youtube channel "ten seconds song" 😉 In this special video for Valentine's day, you'll see how Anthony can sing anything !


Funny song, made with talent ! It's a cover of AC / DC the thunder truck song made by country fans, they make several covers as "Holy driver" or "The trooper". The group is called "Steve'n'Seagulls" in reference to the great Steven Seagal, it does not take itself seriously, and it feels good.

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