Compilation de chutes en SMS

On continue ce lundi avec une belle petite compilation de personnes qui tombent en ne regardant pas ce qu'ils font car ils envoient un SMS. C'est rapide mais efficace, on se marre bien avec ce genre de compil'. Y'en a qui font vraiment très fort quand même, notamment le mec qui arrive à tomber dans […]

Mr Bean : Ultra violent version !

John Loberger, used a scary music and images of the films 'Bean' and 'Fight Club' to make a fake trailer of "Mean Bean", a film in which Mr Bean would be a dangerous psychopath.

Painful launch for the Nintendo Switch

The Switch Nintendo came out last Friday (March 3, 2017) and there are already many bugs. The YouTuber CrowbCat has compiled a video all the small problems faced by its users, for example: loud noise, display bug, multiple crashes in games or freeze and blocking of the console. Users have noticed that the dock took […]

Best UFC KO in 2016

A compilation that brings together the best KOs in MMA of the year 2016. The user Reddit Serengeti1 had the good idea to make a compilation regrouping the best KOs of 2016 in MMA (UFC). On the program, well-placed shots, fast shots, violent shots, punches and foot.

What Mike Boyd learned to do in 2016

In 2016, Mike Boyd created a YouTube channel on which he can be seen learning to practice various activities as quickly as possible. Here is a small selection of what he learned to do during the year, such as traveling with a unicycle, juggling, spinning a basketball on his finger or solving a Rubik's Cube.

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