Coach Sarunas Jasikevicius takes the defense of his player

Basketball game or a child's birth? The question not to ask Sarunas Jasikevicius. During the semi-final of the Lithuanian basketball championship, the basketball player Augusto Lima (Žalgiris Kaunas) left in the middle of the game to witness the birth of his first child. During the post match press conference, a reporter interviewed the coach Sarunas […]

Shoulder punch by a coach during a basketball game

Last Friday during a national basketball game 1 between the Caen basketball Calvados and the BC Souffelweyersheim, Caen, Hervé Coudray coach, took a violent blow from shoulder to an opposing player, Julien Delmas, while the latter was trying to save the ball from a key outing. A small altercation ensued and Souffelweyersheim player received a […]

Romanian coach

I played like a lot of kids in the world to this international sport : The soccer. And i never seen this scene before this video, often when the matches are with big issues you can see the pressure in the game. But in this match it is just only kids ! And this coach […]

Coach catches twice his gymnast

The International Gymnix 2015 (junior cup) shows some impressive action. Sara Berardinelli is a young Italian gymnast of horizontal bar. During her trial, she misses twice a figure but her coach catches her to avoid a big fall. I hope she will be better next year. 😉

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