The Vietnamese police climbing a building with a pole

During an exercise involving hostages, men of a special unit of the Vietnamese police use a long pole to allow some of them to access the floors of a building from the outside. Two policemen push pole perpendicular to the building while a third, placed at the other end of the pole, uses the thrust […]

A child climbs on the back of a beef

A 4 year old child jumps on the back of an ox lying in a field. The scene happened in Valdosta in the State of Georgia in the United States. A dad promised $ 20 at Asher, his 4 year old son, if he could ride on the back of the ox. The child has […]

A baby escapes by climbing two security gates :)

In England, a 21-month-old baby crosses a double security gate by the climbing. Since the age of 9 months, Leo likes to go over the security fence. His mother Alice explains that it does several times a day. She wanted to see if by superimposing a second barrier, it would prevent him from spending. Obviously […]

A 4X4 climbs a canyon

A 4x4 climbs a rock face in a canyon in the United States. The all-terrain vehicle is virtually vertical but manages to complete its climb without tipping back. Impressive!

Faceplant in virtual reality

In the Microsoft store Mall of America shopping center (Bloomington, Minnesota), a man enjoyed a Oculus booth to test a climbing game in virtual reality. The mask on his head, the man quickly took the game and began to climb. But unbalanced, he fell forward and did a faceplant on the floor.

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