Road Rage With A Truck

The scene happen at Istanbul in Turkey. After an altercation with motorists, a driver of a dump truck imagines a beautiful evasion to a chase on the road. I don't know what the truck driver did, but the men in the car seem very angry... On a highway the driver gonna brutally stop his truck, […]

Two kids one bike

These two kids have only one bike for moving, but they found a technique for solve this problem: Each of them hold the handlebar, and one is on the right pedal and the other on the left. They coordinate their movements for moving the bike. You can learn one thing in this video: you can […]

Clever dog

The owners of the dog called Meme (what a strange name) bought a tank, supposedly inviolable against dogs, to store the croquettes. Unfortunately, Meme finally found the technique to open the reserve as you can see on this video. The dog first uses his nose to turn the cap, then he grabs it with his […]

How to give your dog these damn drugs

Did you try to give drugs to a dog once ? No ? So you'll don't understand this video but if you did try sometime to give drug to a dog you remembered how hard it was to make him eat these damn drugs. This guy speaks in Brazilian but it's pretty easy to understand […]

Rapid chess

I have always heard one thing in chess : It's just a question of training, training all days and you'll become one of the best player in your town. I can understand, but in this video you'll see how these guys show you how much they are stronger than you ! 🙂 This part is […]

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