Rouler un blunt avec des pétales de roses

Voilà un super tutoriel pour te rouler un bon gros joint de taille avec des pétales de roses. Elle est pas belle la vie ? Les mecs savent plus quoi inventer... Enfin là, en l’occurrence c'est une meuf mais t'as compris le concept. Au moins son joint est 100% naturel. Attention, tout cela est interdit […]

A taser hidden in a pack of cigarettes

A police officer demonstrated a stun gun hidden in a pack of cigarettes. The taser was found by police in Kennesaw (Georgia / United States) in a car during a traffic stop. While the officer was talking to the driver, the latter asked a smoke several times. Him police declined requests. And he did well, […]

He causes an explosion by throwing his cigarette !

Be careful where you throw your cigarette cigarette. The scene happened on March 29, 2017 in Tehran in Iran. A man wanted to get rid of his cigarette cigarette by throwing it into a hole in the ground. But no luck, the cigarette came into contact with emissions of methane from sewage and the ground […]

Hey, do you have a cigarette ?

When someone asks for a cigarette in the street... Yeah, it's not always like that. This vine is going viral and I don't know if it's fake or not but if it's not, this lady is going to have a very bad reputation in her neighborhood...

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