A certificate of adoption as a Christmas gift

An 11-year-old receives an adoption certificate as a Christmas gift. Landon lives with his mother and his father-in-law Daniel and he has always wanted to be adopted by his father-in-law to bear among others the same name as him. On Christmas Day, disguised as Spiderman, the child discovered in his gifts an adoption certificate. A […]

Bad Santa (TomSka)

A little girl gets up on Christmas Eve and catches Santa Claus laying the gifts in her living room ... A sketch made by TomSka.

Christmas magic (Cyriak)

A new WTF animation by Cyriak to celebrate the end of a wonderful year. Merry Christmas ! Ho ho ho! This guy made so much weird animations...

Santa snowboarding with a drone !

Santa Claus traded his sled for a drone this year. The youtubeur Casey Neistat went to the Santa Claus Village in Finland to snowboard towed by an overpowered drone. Disguised as Santa Claus, he enjoys hitting the slopes of the resort and winding up with his drone. The flying craft is so powerful that it […]

The most beautiful Christmas street

The inhabitants of this street did not do things half for Christmas! Look at all these decorations, one takes full of their eyes. All the trees that border the road have been covered with garlands. This is Farms Rd Street in the city of Palm Beach Gardens in Florida.

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