Cover of 'The Man Who Sold The World' with a gayageum

Luna Lee is a Korean musician resumed at the gayageum of 'The Man Who Sold The World' a song of David Bowie, covered also by Nirvana during the MTV Unplugged in New York. The gayageum is a traditional musical instrument of the family from the zithers Korea, with up to 25 strings in silk or […]

Best double synchronized dive

This is the best synchronized dive I've ever seen in my life. You must watch it even if you don't like Olympic games and all that stuff. It's only 10 seconds, but 10 seconds of pure happiness 🙂

A Fish Loves Human

In China, people put back a fish in the water of a river, but the little animal refuses to regain his freedom. Rather than go into the depths, he continues to returning to his human friends, despite several returned to the water. This fish is really endearing! I don't know if he is simply afraid […]

Chinese Tourism

In a hotel of the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand, a Chinese tourists group was filmed while they "took" foods on a buffet. The tourists use their plates like shovels for take the most possible faster they can do. You will not shocked to learn this really sad end, a lot of workers of […]

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