Twin children having fun during night

When the time came to go to sleep, Andrew and Ryan, twins of 2 years, benefit from the night for fun in their room. They come out of their bed and moving cushions to make a heap on which they happily throw themselves between two discussions on a couch. Parents, Jonathan and Susana Balkin, of […]

Twins Do All Together

The small twins Michael Jr. and JonMichael are dressed exactly by the same way and they love to do everything together. But this day, Michael Jr. decided to get off the bottom step of a staircase without his brother. A real tragedy for JonMichael who starts to cry, standing on the stairs. His brother will […]

Listening Trance

An Irish family, a Dad and his children listen trance music in a car. The two twins on the back seat dance on the music they probably like it ! Their sister is older and knows all of the lyrics this is really funny ! I would like to have the same children, they are […]

Go to school

If you have children you will probably heard this sentence a lot of times "Mum/Dad (Or whatever you want I don't want polemical !) I don't want go to school it's too cold outside ! " Maybe one or two of you have heard this sentence this morning... Maybe you can show this video to […]

WTF Sunday #32

Kid kazoo it's one of the most famous WTF on internet if you never seen him please do it here. Now you will understand how much this remix is epic an amazing ! Attention if you are epileptic don't watch this ! All of these image can kill you in one second, or this little […]

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