A technique for mounting mortar on a roof (China)

Chinese workers have a technique to mount mortar on a roof without getting too tired. In China, workers build a house and have to mount mortar on a roof. Rather than getting tired of going up and down the ladder, they will catapult the mortar. A person is responsible for putting the material in the […]

Teamwork to smooth a cement border

In Melbourne, Australia, three workers show us their method of smoothing a cement border. One of them uses a tool to properly level the border while his two colleagues push him by raising his legs. A fun but also very effective technique.

Made In China !

In the city of Hao Zhuang in China, a man shows what's inside the walls of an apartment. With a stick he digs in the wall and removing content that looks like sand! You can see steel bars into the wall, so I guess they have made the walls in reinforced concrete, but this is […]

Cement fail

A little fail of the day, what do you think ? I can't resist when I see a beautiful video like that, I want to share with you these types of happiness, simple and effective... This guy has laughed in the video when the bag of cement has fallen, but now I am curious for […]

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