Big cat VS door

A girl filmed the determination of its big cat to pass under a door. A space of a few centimeters in height is sufficient for the cat that first his head and front legs, and then grows hard to spend the rest of his body.

A cat in front of an optical illusion

A person has printed the "Rotating snakes" optical illusion on a sheet of paper and has posed in front of her cat. One might think that the illusion only works on humans, but to see the reaction of the cat that jumps on the paper, believing that he also sees. "Rotating snakes" are a type […]

Wake up a cat with a firecracker

His cat knows what he doesn't have the right to sleep in the bed, but he does it anyway. He decided to teach a lesson in him waking up with a firecracker. SPOILER: It does not turn on the firecracker, instead he gently strokes his cat with the firecracker to wake up.

Mom, help me catch this toy !

A kitten wants to catch a small ball that is put on a shelf in a House, but the toy is unfortunately inaccessible. Intrigued, the MOM of the little cat comes and sits down to analyze the situation. Under the caterwauling of her kitten who asks for help, pussy then decided to intervene and grab […]

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