Cat VS plastic bag

A cat is mounted on the table to inspect a plastic bag, but will soon regret it. While his master was eating, a cat was mounted on the table attracted by the smell of a plastic bag. The curious cat came inside the bag, but it got tangled and fell off the table. Panicked, the […]

Ricky cleans his cat

Canadian Ricky Berwick makes the daily grooming of his cat by licking him. The animal looks ravished! Who would like to be in the place of the cat?

Curious cats VS vacuuming bot

Curious cats See a robot cleaner for the first time. The owner of a cat bar in Fukui, Japan, acquired a cleaning robot. The curious cats will approach this funny object. But a cat will get scared when seeing the robot spin and all the other cats will take the leak by slipping on the […]

A docker saves a cat fallen in the Thames

Scott, a docker at the Royals docks in London, England, comes to the rescue of the cat Felix when he falls into the Thames, fighting another cat after a chase on the port. Seeing the animal fall into the river, Scott rushes to the edge of the wharf and catches Felix by the skin of […]

Make a photo of 10 kittens

Make a photo of 10 kittens, this isn't an easy job. The Russian YouTuber Deborkader has wanted to do a family photo with his 10 kittens. She tried to group them in the middle of the room, but the kittens do not take place. Cute 🙂

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