Kittens vs old cat !

Mason is a former errant, aggressive cat with kidney problems. It also has a nasty paw wound and several dental abscesses. Almost 100% of stray cats found are euthanized, but the TinyKitten association wanted to give Mason a chance. After a few months in his new home, the cat has adapted quite well to the […]

Hard to do homework with a cat

A Japanese child is trying to do his homework with a cat. A boy is at his desk and tries to do his school homework, but the cat has decided to lie down on his notebook. He tries to push the feline nicely, but the animal does not move a hair, finally if it stretches […]

A cat with a serious meow

Jack the cat has a surprising meow, much more serious than the other cats. According to the veterinarian, a paralysis of the laryngeal, muscle of the larynx, would be the cause of these meows as low in frequency.

A cat gets revenge after being honked

A cat has settled on the hood of a car. The owner of the vehicle tries to make it go away by activating the wiper. But the cat doesn't move, so he honks. Finally the cat rises, to water the windshield of pee. Revenge!

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