Instant karma for an angry pedestrian

Instant karma for a pedestrian who rages against a motorist. In the city of Adelaide, Australia, a man crosses a pedestrian crossing with his dog and signs to go slower to a motorist who stops at the red light in front of him. But the busy pedestrian to make the moral to the driver is […]

An electric circuit of small cars powered by bikes !!!

An electric circuit of small cars to be installed in all the gyms. During the Selfy Fest 2017 in Isparta, Turkey, a festival organised by the operator Turk Telekom, an electric road circuit not like the others was installed. The circuit was powered by the electricity produced by the apartment bikes. He who pedaled the […]

He cuts the road to a biker by changing track (Los Angeles)

A motorist changes course and cuts the road to a biker. On a freeway near Los Angeles, California, a motorist changed track without looking without the retro and despite the double yellow line. The biker who was coming behind did not have time to brake. He walked into the back of the car and ended […]

A man tries to steal a bike hooked to a car (London)

A cyclist tries to steal a road bike hooked at the back of a car. The scene took place in central London on Sunday, May 14, 2017. A cyclist took advantage of the traffic to try to steal a Mekk Primo brand carbon racing bike with a value of 3000 EUR. Every time the car […]

Reverse Road Rage

This is how the road rage should unfold. When he came home from work, a biker was almost hit by a motorist on a street in Jarrow, England. The biker stopped a few metres further and went to meet the driver who had just parked her car at her house. But instead of yelling at […]

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