Archery hunter VS Bear !

A Canadian archery Hunter lucky to be alive after meeting with a black bear. Richard Wesley had gone hunting with his bow near Fire River in Ontario (Canada) when he noticed a black bear in the distance. The bear seemed to ignore the hunter but seeing the animal approaching the man wanted to scare him […]

A sea lion shoots a girl in the Water (Canada)

A sea lion catches a girl and pulls it into the water. Saturday, May 20, 2017 in Richmond, Canada, a group of tourists watched a sea lion not fierce in the harbour water. A girl approached the animal that seemed to want to play. But when the little girl sat on the edge of the […]

Impressive and slow avalanche in Canada !

Hikers witnesses an impressive thaw. During a hike in the Canadian Rockies, Spanish tourists were able to see a snow slide down the mountain. A nice sight to see, but that is dangerous. Each year, hikers or skiers are carried away by this type of avalanche. The action begins at 1:40

Coffee in Canada

Installed at the wheel of his car in Montreal (Canada), a woman's coffee. It gives punch in the ice that formed in place of the glass and gets his coffee by the way his hand through the ice. It is normal in Montreal.

A train runs after a snow storm

In the Canadian Rockies of British Colombia, a freight train rolls after a snowstorm without worrying about the trees that fell on the railway. An activity that really fun the present railway workers in the locomotive.

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