Camera at the bottom of a bucket of water (Texas)

John Wells, a former fashion photographer who left Manhattan to settle in Texas desert, placed a camera at the bottom of a bucket of water to film the animals that come to quench. The objective directed towards a beautiful blue sky accompanied by a relaxing music, one can see bees, birds, a rabbit, chickens, a […]

The drone selfie of the poor #freestyleski

Swiss skier Nicolas Vuignier shows us how to make aerial shots without a drone: He uses a foam missile equipped with a camera from the Kickstarter AER project. The camera is thus held and then thrown into the air by the skier himself during the production of the aerial figures. Two weeks were needed to […]

Levitating helicopter

The shutter of a camera synchronized with the blades of a helicopter to take off. In the port of Hong Kong, a person filmed take-off of a helicopter and had time to synchronize the shutter of the camera with the main frequency of rotation of the rotor to give this strange effect. We have the […]

Some serious facts here ! (farts)

Sometimes, you really have to know what's going on behind you and I'm here to help you with that. A very informative and scientific post on this website. It's pretty rare we're going this deep in details to analyse a such situation. So, watch this video and learn everything about farts on thermal camera 🙂

Impressive zoom on Moon

On the evening of Saturday, July 16, 2016, Daniel Pelletier went for a walk on the moon with his Nikon P900. This camera is equipped with a huge lens permitting a powerful 83X zoom. Don't ask me about the details, I don't know anything about this but this is impressive !

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