World smallest gun

Everything is in the title, this is the world smallest gun and this is very tiny ! It makes a lot of noise for this size, don't you think ? But if want to kill someone with this gun I hope for you this guy will be the world smallest person too 🙂 The guy […]

Is Titanium Bulletproof

This title resume all of the scenes in this video ! You will see the guy from the youtube channel Demolition Ranch who tries to make a hole in a titanium plate. It is particulary thick, and he tries his challenge with a lot of different calibers, he starts with the little like a gun […]

How many balloons to stop a bullet

The presenter Tim Shaw, of the program Street Genius broadcasted on the channel National Geographic made a new experience. The objective is to know how many aligned water balloons you need to stop a bullet. The gun used for the experience is a Smith & Wesson Magnum 44 which is a powerful gun, its bullets […]

New non-lethal bullet

A CNN report (USA) shows a new system for police gun. It is an extension which can be added to a standard gun to neutralized a person instead of kill it. The bullet strikes a metal ball measuring the same size of a table tennis ball. This projectile comes from the extension to hit the […]

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