Oleg Cricket at the top of a building in Toronto

The Russian freerunner Oleg Cricket, with his real name Oleg Sherstyachenko, performs breathtaking waterfalls at the top of a building in Toronto, Canada. The young man of 25 years chained the jumps and other figures to the edge of the vacuum without any security. A video that is cold in the back!

A subway passes through a building

A monorail line passes through a building in Chongqing, a city located at the northern end of the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau in China. The building occupies a metro station in which the oars stop regularly. A peculiarity that is not uncommon in this gigantic agglomeration known as the "mountain city".


If I am asking you this question this is for one reason. Would you be brave enough to confront your fear of heights, and rescue this poor little kitten ? In this video you will see a simulation of this scenario, in virtual reality made by a Japanese enterprise. And the reactions of the people […]

Job : Window Cleaner

Charlie does a really dangerous work in New York, window cleaner in the United States. Equipped with a leather belt, he slips behind a window in an office of the skyscraper Chanin Building, located in Manhattan, and attaches himself with two straps on either side of the window. He can wash the windows being hung […]

Troll During A Demolition

Garry Cornes has positioned himself to film the demolition of a 24-storey building in Glasgow, Scotland, but a disruptive event will ruin his video. Do you guess what is it ? When comes the long awaited moment, a bus driver stops his vehicle just before Garry to allow passengers and himself to see the demolition. […]

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