Effective robbery in a Store

Friday, November 11, 2016 around 3 am, a group of criminals broke into a van in front of a clothing store in Botucatu, Brazil. Very well organized, the thieves put down blankets on the floor of the store to drop the various items before quickly flying. In total, the full flight of the store eventually […]

Big Tarantula !

Oh my gosh, I hope you are not arachnophobia because this video will kill you instantly by an heart attack ! The scene happened in Brazil, a guy who wants to show us how to catch a huge tarantula only with his hands ! The poor animal was stuck in the house of the man... […]

Huge Inundation

Thursday 5th November 2015 an impressive inundation created by the breaking of a barrage for the wastes of iron minerals near of the city of Mariana in the states of Minas Gerais in Brazil. This huge mudslide wich went until the Atlantic ocean on 650 kilometers across the river Rio Doce, killed 19 people and […]

An original pet

This guy lives in Brazil you ask yourself how I guess that ? Because the anaconda does not live everywhere, he lives only in south America, and the guy speak Portuguese... Yes you can call me Inspector Romain ! Let's start to speak about this really strange video, the guy discovered a huge anaconda in […]

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