A fire extinguisher on the bike as a nitro

The Italian cyclist Luca Botte has found a way to go faster by bike: put a fire extinguisher under the seat! The extinguisher serves as nitro, when he pressed the suppressant powered 180 bar allows it to get ahead of his opponents without forcing. A viral video proposed by Dafne Fixed, bicycle online store.

Moving fridge with a bike

This guy has clearly no car or he likes to make stupid things cause he f*cking moves a fridge with a simple bike ! I don't know where it is and how long he have to go to unload this fridge but this is pretty hard even if he has only one kilometer to go.

How to win a bike sprint

This video explains us to win a sprint during a cycle race, during a stage of the Tour de France for example. First of all some stats, a sprint lasts on average 13 seconds and the runners ride approximately to 65 kph. The important factors to win a sprint are the speed, the acceleration, the […]

The monowheel bike is not that new

Maybe you never saw or you don't know what's a monowheel bike but this idea comes from time to time when someone claims he invented a new revolutionary bike. As this really old video shows, it's not a new idea. It's even a very old idea and if I can trust wikipedia, it's from 1860s... […]

Air pump on steroids !

I love this kind of invention, humans can be so much creative when we need to be lazy. Ok, this is a little bit heavy to carry when you're on your bike but man, no sweat to inflate your flat tire. Isn't it so cool ? I want to buy one right now ! Please […]

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