An electric circuit of small cars powered by bikes !!!

An electric circuit of small cars to be installed in all the gyms. During the Selfy Fest 2017 in Isparta, Turkey, a festival organised by the operator Turk Telekom, an electric road circuit not like the others was installed. The circuit was powered by the electricity produced by the apartment bikes. He who pedaled the […]

A child on a bike is distracted by a pub

A child on his bike distracted by advertising on a van. April 23, 2017, in Stockholm in Sweden, Anders was walking with his nephew Dali when he saw a van of a strip club (private Club) parked along the sidewalk. He took out his phone to send video to a friend. But he wasn't the […]

Racing bike vs gust of winds (South Africa)

Sunday, March 12, 2017 was scheduled for the 40th edition of the Cape Town Cycle Tour in South Africa. But strong winds and gusts at more than 100 mph have forced organizers to cancel the event, for the safety of the participants. A wise decision when you see cyclists who are struggling to move forward […]

Overtaken by an old Colombian farmer

Two bike triathletes in a coast are ridiculed by an old Colombian farmer. In Colombia on a coast en route to Dabeiba, two triathletes, Andreas Fabricus and Axel Carton, cycled up a hill with a farmer they could not keep up with. Luis the 63-year-old farmer did not have a suitable bike and wore his […]

Biker VS Pick-up and Truck !!!

In the afternoon of Wednesday, January 11, 2017 in São Paulo, Brazil, a surveillance camera filmed a violent accident with a young 18-year-old biker. The latter was driving on a small neighborhood road when he hit a pickup truck. The boy was then ejected as a rag doll, ending his gliding flight against the front […]

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