A man tries to steal a bike hooked to a car (London)

A cyclist tries to steal a road bike hooked at the back of a car. The scene took place in central London on Sunday, May 14, 2017. A cyclist took advantage of the traffic to try to steal a Mekk Primo brand carbon racing bike with a value of 3000 EUR. Every time the car […]

Cyclist vs Car

During a bike race, one of the riders leaves the eye road for a few moments and hits a car parked on the edge of the roadway. How to move from the head in the handlebar to the head in the windshield!

Harassed by a driver, a cyclist takes revenge

A cyclist takes revenge after she was harassed by the driver of a van. The scene filmed by a biker took on A5204 Street in London. The driver of a van approached a woman on a bike who waited at a red light. He began by asking his phone number which doesn't like the woman […]

A Bicyclist avoiding a fall of 9 meters during a final sprint

This weekend, a cyclist had a nice reflex that saved her life during a race organized in Santa Barbara County, California. During the final sprint which took dangerously on a bridge, a rider fell on the road, causing the other cyclists whose concreted one that went over a ledge of the bridge. Fortunately, the man […]

Drunk cyclist vs Barrier

In a city in Russia, a drunken cyclist tries to pass a barrier is lowered. A merciless duel then engages between man and the obstacle. Quickly, the barrier takes over and sends the rider to the ground with some violence. Man defeated has no choice but to surrender.

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