Russian game: Head in a bucket of beer

A Russian game with beer with fairly simple rules: the first one who can open his eyes and breathe has won. Two men clashed, they both donned their heads in a bucket whose bottom was replaced by a rubber membrane. Then the bucket is filled with beer. The two participants have their heads completely in […]

A crab bottle opener !

In Australia, a man open his beer bottle with the help of a crab that is installed in a cooler. The crustacean firmly grasps the beer capsule with a pliers and the man has to turn the bottle to open it and to quench it. The crab-Bottle opener is born!

Opposite people around a beer

People with opposing ideas tinker for a Heineken experience. The famous beer brand brought together in a room of people with completely different opinions and ideas. There is the Climatosceptique and the ecologist, the transgender and a transphobic, a feminist and the macho. These couples will learn to know each other for the duration of […]

Opening a keg of beer Fail

Opening a beer keg goes as planned. In a tavern in Bavaria in Germany (during the beer Aischgründer Bierstrasse road), a young man trying to open a beer keg. Using a hammer, tap in a tap to drill the barrel, he breaks without intentionally make the pitcher intended to relaying the beer. After picking up […]

Open a beer with a shark

During Spring Break, a student wishes to make a "shotgun", i.e. very quickly consume his beer by drilling a hole on the side of the bobbin in order to facilitate the atmospheric compensation and thus be able to drink the beer very quickly. To do this, it pierces his can of beer with the jaws […]

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