Two babies discuss on FaceTime

Two babies have a conversation about the FaceTime video conferencing application. While moms take their mobile phone, the babies look and take the opportunity to discuss. I wonder what they will say. In any case, this much laughing two moms.

A baby escapes by climbing two security gates :)

In England, a 21-month-old baby crosses a double security gate by the climbing. Since the age of 9 months, Leo likes to go over the security fence. His mother Alice explains that it does several times a day. She wanted to see if by superimposing a second barrier, it would prevent him from spending. Obviously […]

A baby made his choice !

From the top of its 14 months, little Abigail already knows to appreciate the good things. When his dad Rafael offers him a bottle of milk, a plate of pasta or his pacifier, baby refuses by making a face... SPOILER: Abigail instantly smile returns when his father hands him a glass of red wine. The […]

Baby makes beatbox with B-Art

A little girl of a few months tries to imitate her uncle, the German beatboxer B-Art, making in turn the beatbox. The baby then makes a noise with his mouth by pulling his tongue. It's cute. 🙂

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