Is this cat protecting a baby ?

Check this weird video. This cat seems to protect a baby. A man is hitting a cradle with his hand where a baby is sitting and the cat comes to the man's arm. I wonder if it's because the cat simply wants to play or if he thinks the man is attacking the baby and […]

A baby claps his hands during an ultrasound

A 14 weeks pregnant woman goes to the doctor for an ultrasound control with her husband. During the control they see the baby claps his hands. Her husband takes his phone to film the monitor while his wife and the doctor sing "If You Are Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands". Maybe a […]

Baby body board

I don't know is it's cool or not because this baby has only nine month ! In the video I have this feeling : the baby cries and the father puts the music on the video for covering the sound. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but when you'll see how the child's head moving... It's not […]

Riverdance baby on Jolly Jumper

Kali is a baby girl who has much energy. Her father films his baby on her Jolly Jumper and next, makes a video which clones his daughter to create a nice choreography. His inspiration comes from the Irish dance called Riverdance by the spectacular show Lord of the Dance.

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