A baby does the haka

While a man sings in Maori in a salon, a baby makes his own version of the haka, this ritual dance of the South Pacific Islanders made world famous through the All Blacks rugby team. Arms spread along the body, the little boy strikes feet on the ground by pulling the tongue and shouting "Yaaaah!".

A baby raises her arms in the air in the morning

The baby Kaden raise your arms whenever his mother take him swaddling. Kaden Patrick (@KPtheBaby) sleeps wrapped in a blanket. This technique is called swaddling, it allows the baby to be content and to feel safe. She limits her crying and calm, technology is also beneficial to the duration of the child's sleep. Parents of […]

A chain reaction to reveal the sex of their baby

With the help of some friends, Taylor Calmus and his wife Heidi, a couple living in Los Angeles, California, have worked for three days on the installation of a long Rube Goldberg machine through the floors of their house. The aim of the operation: reveal the sex of their child in an original way. Thus, […]

Mommy crawls out of the baby room

In South Africa, Caryn Morris has a technique very special, and a little scary, to get out of the House of her baby after have fallen asleep with the child. Quietly, she argued on the floor of the room crawling on the back to make the least possible noise. On Facebook, her husband Tyrone said, […]

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