Impressive and slow avalanche in Canada !

Hikers witnesses an impressive thaw. During a hike in the Canadian Rockies, Spanish tourists were able to see a snow slide down the mountain. A nice sight to see, but that is dangerous. Each year, hikers or skiers are carried away by this type of avalanche. The action begins at 1:40

Tourists see an avalanche up close (Chile)

Tourists surprised by a big avalanche coming on them. The scene took place in August 2016 in the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. Two tourists saw an avalanche off in the mountains. But they did not expect to see her reach them and be covered by a cloud of snow. Impressive images.

A snowboarder swept away in an avalanche

Equipped with a camera, snowboarder Tom Oye sat on the snowy slopes of Whistler, Canada, when he was caught by an avalanche. In just a few seconds, the man was carried over several hundred meters. Fortunately, he was able to escape unharmed thanks to his airbag backpack, offered for Christmas, which allowed him to stay […]

A very beautiful avalanche

This avalanche is very big and if I was the guy filming I would be more worried than him but as you can see everything goes well. It happens in the north face of Z1 in the Zanskar, India. It's filmed from the base camp.

Skier survives a 1600 foot fall

Look and LISTEN, this is pretty intense for Ian McIntosh. It happens during the shooting of the movie "Paradise Waits", the poor skier loses a ski and starts to fall and roll in the snow. This triggers a small avalanche with no way to escape but fortunately he pulls his airbag to prevent injuries and […]

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