Une application pour résoudre les sudoku

Voilà une application pour les trisomiques qui en ont assez de faire fonctionner ce machin qu'ils ont entre les deux oreilles et qui semble inutile. Nan je dis ça mais en vrai cette application est assez impressionnante. Elle utilise le tout nouveau framework ARkit d'Apple, donc je suppose que cela ne fonctionne que sur iPhone […]

Stolen iphone

Following the theft of his phone, the Dutch director Anthony Van Der Meer had the idea to make a film with the complicity of a new trafficked phone that he will be flying in the subway of Amsterdam. Thanks to spyware, he will be able to track down the thief and recover a lot of […]

Doom on macbook touch bar

You can play Doom on just about anything and everything. And on the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro? The experiment was conducted by Adam Bell, a Canadian iOS developer who works on Facebook. He managed to wear the famous FPS on the Touch Bar, an OLED retina multi-touch screen with a resolution of […]

Bowling ball + Apple store = FAIL :-)

Thursday, September 29, 2016 at around 13 pm, a young man broke into the Apple Store in Dijon, France and ransacked phones, tablets and computers arranged on long tables at the entrance of the store with a bowling ball. The damage is estimated at tens of thousands of euros. The man was arrested by police […]

Apple AirPods fake ad :)

In his television show "Conan" broadcast on the American channel TBS, Conan O'Brien made ​​fun of new AirPods with a fake ad. You can see an animation with silhouettes dancing while listening to music with the famous AirPods in the ears, but the headphones never stand still and eventually fall to the ground. However, AirPods […]

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