Ants are hungry

Yeah, ants are really hungry and if you doubt about that look at this video. You can even watch it in 4K and you better do it if you can cause it's really well filmed. It's some poor dead little bird on a rock waiting to be eated by ants. In only 21 hours there […]

Ants vs iphone

This video is really weird. At the beginning, the iphone is not used and all the ants are going randomly but as soon as the iphone receives a call, all the ants start to circling the phone. I didn't test myself to see it's fake or not but if it's not fake i really want […]

A Russian ant drinking vodka

In Russia, a man makes an experiment, he dropped a drop of vodka on the ground. An ant comes nearer and starts to drink. Quickly, the insect starts to be drunk, he cannot walk correctly. And the end of the video, the ant seems to vomit. 😯

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