Une animation sympa et émouvante

Et pour continuer la journée en douceur avant le barbecue de ce soir on part sur une petite animation des familles qui fait bien plaisir à voir. Il s'agit d'une femme qui s'apprête à manger une pizza quand elle reçoit un colis avec un mystérieux disque. Vous allez voir que ce disque va lui réserver […]

Agent 327 : Operation Barbershop

Hendrik IJzerbroot, aka Agent 327, is a spy working for the Secret Service of the Netherlands. He is sent to a barber for a very dangerous mission ... Adaptation of the Dutch comics of the writer and designer Martin Lodewijk, "Agent 327: Operation Barbershop" is an animation carried out by the Blender animation studio as […]

Remix of "The Lion King"

Alex Ramirès and Max Bird comedians had time to reproduce the opening sequence of the feature film animation 'The Lion King'. Using various accessories daily and a few touches of makeup, they replay so the famous scene of this classic of the Disney studios.


In this video entitled "Preposterous", the Dutch graphic designer Florent Porta imagined absurd scenes in which the opposite of what is anticipated happens.


Back at his house, an old gnome helps a hungry caterpillar who wants to eat a few leaves on the branch of a tree ... "Gnome" is a short animation directed by Sacha Goedegebure (Omens Studios).

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