Koala cries

This is cute and sad in the same time ! I don't think he is acting and his friend/brother/companion is such an assh*le ! Why they can live together in harmony on this tree ? The animal world is really cruel, and this fight between to koalas who one of them is forced-out and cries […]

Sleeping meerkat

This is one of the cutest animal in the world, seriously ! This specie is also called " suricate " and they live in all parts of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, in much of the Namib Desert in Namibia and southwestern Angola, and in South Africa. They are always in team with an average […]

Revolution for the honey harvest

This is so ingenious and a revolution for the beekeepers, before when you have to harvesting the honey you must to destroy all of the beehive... Now with this concept called : " Flow Hive " This idea came from Cedar Anderson and his father, because he didn't want to see all of his bees […]

Cute moment with Koala

Oh my gosh, if you don't have soul you will don't understand why this kid koala is so cute ! I don't explain the title of this video in Youtube : "How do you weigh a 9 month old Koala Joey ? " because we don't really saw how ? But we can see how […]

Explosive plantes

Very beautiful movies on the mother earth, once again she surprised me like only her can do that ! How the evolution or god can even think about that ? The plants in this video throw their seeds in the air like missiles ! When the men start to think about something nature has already […]

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